Thuy Trang (December 14, 1973-September 3, 2001), was known for her role as Trini Kwan, the Yellow Ranger in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1993-1994). She had tragically passed away in a car accident at the age of 27 near San Francisco on Monday, September 3, 2001.

The Power Rangers Time Force episode, 'Circuit Unsure' is dedicated to her memories.........

Thuy Trang
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Born December 14, 1973
Died September 3, 2001
Gender Female
Nationality Saigon, South Vietnam, USA (Birthplace)

San Francisco, California, USA (Death place)

Job Television and movie actress
Genre 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' (1993-1994)

'The Crow: City of Angels' (1996)

'Encyclopedia of Martial Arts: Hollywood Celebrities' (1995)

'Spy Hard' (1996)

Age 27-years-old
Age at death 27-years-old