Caylee was reported missing in Orlando, Florida in July 2008 by her grandmother, after she had not seen her granddaughter in over a month and her daughter, Casey, had come up with several different explanations of Caylee's whereabouts before finally claiming she did not know where she was. She then kept telling detectives different stories of how Caylee disappeared. She was arrested and charged with murder in October. In December, Caylee's remains were found near the Anthony family home. Her body had duct tape on the mouth, which was the one reason that the medical examiner determined her death a homicide.

Despite all of this, Casey Anthony ended up being found not guilty and was acquitted. Most are outraged about this and believe she is guilty without a doubt. Not only did she wait a whole month to report her daughter missing, she was also seen partying during the time that she was supposedly missing, and it was found that she performed several suspicious internet searches, including "how to break a neck". It sure does sound like she wanted to kill her daughter.